Watch Aiden Hines Sister Jumped Video

Aiden Hines Sister Jumped Video

On Twitter and other social media sites like Snapchat and TikTok, the matter of Aiden Hines has recently been extremely popular.

This is as a result of a video of Aiden sister getting jumped that was posted on Snapchat and made public.

The video was captured in the middle of a wooded area, but the tape is not particularly clear, so it is difficult to decipher exactly what took place.

On the other hand, there are whispers going around that Aiden was attacked with a brick or a rock, or that he was shot with an Airsoft or BB gun.

Watch Aiden Hines Sister Jumped Video

It all started when Aiden Hines shared a few indecent stories on Snapchat about his sister, in which he mentioned committing assault to his underage sister.

The videos of Aiden being jumped rapidly went viral on social media and gained a significant number of views, with one video receiving more than 100 thousand views and the other receiving more than 60 thousand views respectively.

Aiden Hines Sister Jumping Video Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Things went very wrong for Aiden Hines when a tweet by @prof_youngboy leaking inappropriate Snapchat stories spread like wildfire on Twitter. One of the two videos that were posted was of Aiden getting jumped.

It seems just like any other day, but for Aiden Hines and his father, this day marks a completely different event. What was once thought to be Aiden’s sister, Addie, has become yet another internet farce.

Why Aiden Hines Sister Jumped Video is viral?

In another video that was uploaded on Twitter, Aiden was shown getting pummelling repeatedly by a boy in a hoodie. This video was uploaded to Twitter, who states that it was recorded before they went into the jungle.

On TikTok, the issue of Aiden Hines was also a trending topic, with one video receiving more than 174 thousand views and another video receiving more than 235 thousand views.

The video that made fun of Aiden and received more than 235 thousand views was posted on Twitter by the user. The video earned a lot of likes, but many people in the comments section were perplexed about what had transpired. Watch full video👇

Watch Aiden Hines Sister Jumped Video

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