Afghanistan earthquake

Afghanistan earthquake video on social media. All the world have decide on UNO platform, that Innocent people in Afghanistan very difficulty so hellp them. So how many people are dies and damaged.

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About CNN report more than 1000 people dies and maximum1500 people Affect in Afghanistan earthquake. Taliban govt request for develop nation like UNO members and different NGOs to help them

According to the report earthquake Afghanistan was 5.9 quake struck during the early hours on Wednesday nearly city of khost by the Pakistan border.

afghanistan earthquake image

The Taliban appealed for international help. The quake struck shortly after 01:30 ( 21:00) GMT.

According to the report hundreds of horses were destroyed by the magnitude 6.1 event , which occurred at a depth of 51km.

Afghan earthquake child

the humanitarian disaster comes at a difficult time for the Taliban- ruled country, currently in the throes of hunger and economic crises.

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