Adin Ross watching his sister receive backshots on stream

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Adin’s sister is Naomi Ross, with the pair actually having a really close bond together – so seeing that picture certainly wouldn’t have been nice for him.

Born on 1st November 1995, Naomi Ross is an Instagram model and social media influencer, and just like her brother Adin Ross, she is a Twitch streamer.

While Ross enjoys a massive fan following of his own, his sister Naomi Ross is no less than him. The two siblings have actually commenced their careers together and are known for their NBA 2k streaming on Twitch.

That was the starting point of their career and both of them have been streaming since the very first day.

Ross was first noticed in one of Adin’s prank videos on YouTube. While Adin Ross’ career took off, Naomi steadily built her own audience on Twitch and Instagram.

Ross is still up with her streaming game and is very much active on social media. Just like her brother, Naomi Ross herself has a massive fan following of 141K followers on Instagram.

popular streamer was live-streaming to his fans, where he was watching videos and viewing pictures from a Discord chat.

However, when he clicked on one piece of media, he was shocked to find out that an image of his sister wearing no clothes was waiting for him.

Adin Ross watching his sister receive backshots on stream
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