The video Emerged on Surface of social media and youtube, and different source Addison Rae fires, what Josh Richard claimed, you can search video on twitter and youtube, key words, Addison Rae fires back video, Josh Richards claims video, What Josh Richards claims Charlie D Amelio destroy her in fight,

Addison Rae Josh Richards

I have seen a fight video of Charli D’Amelio before when she was in private school or what not and she was dragging that girl by her hair.

Addison Rae fires back video Josh Richards claims video What Josh Richards claims Charlie D Amelio destroy her in fight.

Addison Rae released video explained

The Hollywood fix released a video recently asking Addison Rae what her response to Canadian YouTuber Josh Richards about her and Charli D’Amelio in the latest edition of ‘Answer The youtube Facebook which, in true 2022 social media stardom, asked who would win in a fight.

When he was then asked who he thought would win in the match, he chose to back Charli D’Amelio over Addison Rae.

Complete video you can see here below👇👇👇

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